Mac Reeder App - News Feed Sync via Inoreader
Feeds synced via Inoreader & Reeder

Sync News Feeds on All Devices for Free with Inoreader

There are plenty of ways to sync news feeds across all of your devices. There are free services, paid services, and even scripts that you can host on your server. This quick tutorial explains two ways to sync your feeds (e.g., RSS, Atom, XML) on any device. The first method uses the free service from […]

DJI Spark Documentation

Tips & Tricks for DJI Spark

My first drone (UAV) is a DJI Spark, and I am enjoying it greatly. To be sure, flying the Spark is a thrill (especially in Sports Mode), but the real action for me are the photos and videos. So with that in mind, this post shares some of the tips and tricks that I’ve collected […]

Ancient Telephone Switchboard

Why Automated Phone Systems SUCK

You’ve been there. You know what I’m talking about. Why do companies insist on making our lives difficult by implementing horrible automated phone systems?

Aerial view of railroad tracks

Choice Accessories for DJI Spark

Spending more time with my DJI Spark, I’ve purchased a few accessories to improve the overall experience. This is a working list of items I’ve already added to my collection, and a few things that are on my wishlist. Hopefully it will give you some ideas for your own setup and workflow.