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DJI Spark Documentation

Tips & Tricks for DJI Spark

My first drone (UAV) is a DJI Spark, and I am enjoying it greatly. To be sure, flying the Spark is a thrill (especially in Sports Mode), but the real action for me are the photos and videos. So with that in mind, this post shares some of the tips and tricks that I’ve collected […]

Aerial view of railroad tracks

Choice Accessories for DJI Spark

Spending more time with my DJI Spark, I’ve purchased a few accessories to improve the overall experience. This is a working list of items I’ve already added to my collection, and a few things that are on my wishlist. Hopefully it will give you some ideas for your own setup and workflow.

DJI Spark Photo

Should I Buy DJI Care Refresh

I recently purchased my first drone, the DJI Spark. Along with the “Fly More Combo”, I decided to purchase the “Care Refresh” coverage. But that was before I understood the “fine print”. Now that I know, I’m not sure if I would purchase again. So this quick post explains some things that you may want […]

DJI Spark
DJI Spark Mini Drone

DJI Spark Purchase

I’ve been into photography for years, love to go around and shoot photos of visually interesting subject matter. A few years ago, I started seeing “drones” equipped with cameras. Since then, I’ve been wanting to experiment with the technology, and have spent many hours researching drones (or UAVs, or quadcopters, or whatever you want to […]