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Choice Accessories for DJI Spark

Spending more time with my DJI Spark, I’ve purchased a few accessories to improve the overall experience. This is a working list of items I’ve already added to my collection, and a few things that are on my wishlist. Hopefully it will give you some ideas for your own setup and workflow.


The list of absolute must-have gear is short, and all included with the Spark “Fly More Combo”. Note that prices are approximate and subject to change.

Spark Remote Controller ~ $149 USD
The Spark Remote Controller (RC) is the best way to fly. It’s included with the Fly More Combo, or you can purchase separately.
Propeller Guards ~ $19 USD (set of 4)
The lightweight propellers on the Spark can be damaged easily. Propeller guards are a smart way to protect your investment. You can get them from the DJI Store, or shop around for more options.
Extra Batteries ~ $49 USD (each)
Currently Spark batteries give you around 15 minutes of actual flight time. So extra batteries enable you fly longer. I picked up several extras to get closer to an hour on each excursion. For batteries, I recommend purchasing directly from the DJI Store, to ensure quality.


Equipped with the essentials, it’s time to consider these recommended Spark accessories. Note that prices are approximate and subject to change.

Insurance Price varies
If you haven’t picked up some sort of insurance policy for your Spark, it’s definitely something you should think about. You should consider DJI Care Refresh, or maybe purchase insurance locally, from a company like State Farm, or whoever offers the best deal.
Gimbal Protector ~$8 and up
The Spark’s gimbal is super important and very fragile, with a lot of moving parts. So it’s real easy to damage. To help protect it, you can get a gimbal protector. It works great, just remember to remove it before flying.
OTG Cable ~$10 and up
To help improve the connection between your mobile device and Spark Remote Controller (RC), you can physically connect the two devices with a cable, instead of relying on a wi-fi connection. The type of cable(s) that you will need depends on your mobile device (e.g., iPhone, iPad, Android, et al). For example, to connect my iPad Pro to the RC, I use a combination of Micro USB to USB and Lightning to USB.
Extra SD Cards ~$15 and up
The Spark ships with its own micro SD card, but it’s a good idea to carry an extra, just in case. There are many different cards available, so make sure to do some research to find the best one for your needs. For example, I purchased a 32GB SanDisk Ultra, but I should have purchased SanDisk Extreme Pro or SanDisk Extreme Plus, for better video quality.
Elevated Landing Gear ~$10 and up
Always keep your Spark away from dirt and debris. To do so, you can use an elevated landing pad (like a box or whatever), and/or you can attach some landing gear. Here are some ideas:


To further improve your experience with the Spark, here are some further ideas worth considering. Note that prices are approximate and subject to change.

Larger Screen Price varies
Using a iPhone or Android phone certainly works to fly the Spark, but there is a LOT of information that is displayed on the screen. Upgrading to a larger mobile device gives you more screen space, which improves app usability and provides a better view from the Spark’s camera. For example, I have a dedicated Android phone that I use for farting around, but for more serious flying, I use my 2016 9.7-inch 32GB iPad Pro (A1673).
Mobile Device Holder ~$25 and up
If you do use a larger mobile device, you’ll need some sort of bracket or adapter in order to attach it to the RC. The type of adapter that you’ll need depends on your mobile device. For example, for the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, I use this affordable little unit. The product page says it’s for the Mavic RC, but also works great with the Spark RC. As a bonus, it includes a neck lanyard strap to make life easier. Eventually, I would like to upgrade to something with better quality, like maybe one of these.
Carrying Case ~$25 and up
After picking up a bunch of accessories, I soon found it necessary to get a bigger carrying case than the one included in the Fly More Combo. There are all sorts of decent cases and backpacks available for toting around all of your Spark gear. Here is the case that I ended up getting, but it’s turning out to be a bit small for my needs. So after some shopping around, I’m thinking about upgrading to something a little more robust.


As if all that weren’t enough, there are countless other bells and whistles that you get for the Spark. Everything from cool landing pads to colorful “skins” to customize the look of your machine. Not everyone is going to want all of the little extras, but there are some cool accessories that have caught my eye..

Know about an accessory that should be included in this post? Let me know!

Reminder: if you are new to Spark, make sure to read through the documentation and FAQs. Fly smart, fly safe :)