Moses Lake, WA, Autumn 2015

Keep It Simple

New site. All about the new tech-related stuff that I find interesting. I want it to be simple, clean, and full of content. What exactly does that mean? It means that the site won’t be wasting time or server resources with things like social media, advertisements, comments, and so forth. Just focus on content, performance, and clean UI. Leave all the nonsense behind.

No social media

Most of my other sites feature all sorts of social-media functionality.And that’s totally fine, but honestly over the years the actual return on investment just isn’t worth it. All of the tedious little scripts and images waste server resources. Plus they clutter up the look of the page. Not to mention I’m tired of supporting mega-corporate businesses like Twitter, Facebook, et al. Looking for small business to support.

So instead of following the herd and greasing the site with tons of “tweet”, “like”, and “share” propaganda, I’m gonna keep it simple and leave all that stuff to the user. I figure that we’re all savvy enough to share or like a post if it’s something that’s really worth doing.

No advertisements

I can’t stand ads. I use a few of them on other sites to help pay the bills. But for this site, I just want to share content. I may mention other projects that I’m working on, because I like to share my ideas and work with people who may find them useful. Call me an “advertising minimalist”. Not looking to get rich, just want to provide for my family and pay the bills.

Compare this strategy with that of the mainstream majority. It sucks to visit a site that is so polluted with ads that you can’t even find the content. Running ad block and surfing the web, it is not uncommon these days to see alerts like, “20 ads blocked” or worse. I’ve seen some sites where over 70 ads are blocked. Seriously, 70 ads? I mean, come on, if you can’t make it online without resorting to that level of indecency, then you really should find a different line of work.

So for this site, no crazy popups, pop-overs, pop-unders, scroll-throughs, banners, alerts, video ads, flash nonsense, click funnels, et al. At the very worst, you may see a small graphic or two in the sidebar, so I can share my projects.. but that’s gonna be the extent of it.

No comments

I love hearing from my readers. Have enjoyed it since I first started online back in 1999. But over the years, comments have migrated to social media. Sure, many popular sites continue to enjoy healthy user discussion, but for most newer and/or smaller sites these days it’s pretty much pointless. Just wasting resources fighting spam for no reason.

So, in line with the “keep it simple” strategy, I’m going to conserve resources for important tasks, like security, performance, and usability.

If you would like to leave feedback on something, feel free to contact me directly. You can find a link on the About page. I try to respond to every email that I receive, and always enjoy hearing your ideas.

No nonsense

Just content. Just want to share my experience online. That means I won’t be spending countless hours on site design. Keeping it simple is good enough to share the information that I want to share. No need to hype it up with a bunch of pomp and fanfare. Away with the distractions.

Of course, one of the benefits of cutting out all of the nonsense is better performance. Omitting social media, advertisements, and extraneous scripts and styles means faster loading pages, fewer bugs, and a better overall user experience. No nonsense, just content.