Fractal Art: Tendrilabra
Fractal Art: Tendrilabra


Visually stunning fractal art by AureliusCat. Click for full-size image

Fractal Art: Fading Glory
Fractal Art: Fading Glory

Fading Glory

Inspiring fractal art by batjorge. Click for full-size image

Pre-flight Performance Check

Pre-Launch Performance Results

Before launching a site, I like to do some pre-launch performance tests, to serve as a baseline for future development. As explained, the goal is to keep this site as simple as possible, without all of the bells and whistles. This minimal approach pays off in many ways, especially where performance is concerned. Here are […]

Moses Lake, WA, Autumn 2015

Keep It Simple

New site. All about the new tech-related stuff that I find interesting. I want it to be simple, clean, and full of content. What exactly does that mean? It means that the site won’t be wasting time or server resources with things like social media, advertisements, comments, and so forth. Just focus on content, performance, […]