Pre-flight Performance Check

Pre-Launch Performance Results

Before launching a site, I like to do some pre-launch performance tests, to serve as a baseline for future development. As explained, the goal is to keep this site as simple as possible, without all of the bells and whistles.

This minimal approach pays off in many ways, especially where performance is concerned. Here are some screenshots of the results..

Performance Test Results

So far, nuCreativ is doing very well in terms of performance.

Performance Test: GTmetrixPerformance Test: PingdomPerformance Test: Google PagespeedPerformance Test: Think with Google

Note that performance results will vary depending on the page/content. To measure the site’s performance, I used the following free tools:

Other free performance services include WebPageTest and KeyCDN.

Security Test Results

Also did some preliminary security tests.

Security Test: securityheaders.ioSecurity Test: Mozilla ObservatorySecurity Test: HTTP Security ReportSecurity Test: High-Tech Bridge

Note that measuring security is a bit more subjective than measuring performance. Even so, I used the following free tools for these tests:

While implementing security headers, these resources proved useful:

Lots of great tools out there for dialing in optimal performance and security :)