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Should I Buy DJI Care Refresh

I recently purchased my first drone, the DJI Spark. Along with the “Fly More Combo”, I decided to purchase the “Care Refresh” coverage. But that was before I understood the “fine print”. Now that I know, I’m not sure if I would purchase again. So this quick post explains some things that you may want to consider before pulling the trigger on DJI Care Refresh.


Easy. If you crash and destroy your drone, you don’t have to pay full price for a new one (but there are additional fees, as explained in the next section). The plan also includes other minor benefits, but insurance against total damage/loss probably is the main reason why most people decide to purchase.

You know, it’s a “just in case I totally wreck my unit” sort of thing. And, when you’re spending amounts greater than $500, another $59 or whatever doesn’t really seem like that much.


Three important points to consider:

  1. The purchase price is only for one year (12 months) of coverage.
  2. You can get up to TWO replacement units, and only if the units were used within the DJI Guidelines.
  3. You have to pay an additional “replacement fee”, which for the Spark is $49 for the first replacement, and $69 for the second replacement. The replacement fee may be higher for other drone models.

So for example, the following scenarios would NOT be covered:

  • Crash your drone after 12 months, not covered.
  • Crash your drone a third time, not covered.
  • Crash your drone outside of DJI Guidelines, not covered.
  • Lose your drone completely, not covered.

Bottom line: take the time to read through the fine print, details, FAQs, and actual user experience with the Care Refresh plan.


Many insurance companies offer plans to cover personal items like electronics and even drones/UAVs. So it may be worth your time to make a few phone calls and see if there are any better deals than DJI Care Refresh.

For example, I’ve read numerous times now that State Farm offers zero-deductible coverage for around $60/year. One customer said they replaced his lost unit as a “mysterious disappearance”. Another mentioned getting a “personal articles policy” for $75/year in Florida. If true, a 3rd-party insurance policy may be a great alternative to DJI Care Refresh. Here are some additional notes about State Farm Insurance:

  • Ask about either “Personal Article Policy” or “Personal Property Policy”
  • In most states, State Farm charges $60 to $79 a year (for coverage up to $3000, no deductible)
  • State Farm price differs from state to state
  • I’ll add more notes as I find them..

Some benefits of going with local insurance instead of DJI Care Refresh:

  • Better coverage (e.g., includes theft, loss, flyaway, water damage, and basically everything else)
  • Replaces Spark with new unit (instead of used or refurbished)
  • Can be renewed every year (DJI Care Refresh cannot be renewed)
  • No extra “fees” to replace your Spark (i.e., zero deductible)
  • No long waiting periods for repair

So should I buy it?

That’s your decision, based on all sorts of factors. I bought the coverage not understanding the three points mentioned above. If I would have known, I probably would have skipped it. But if you are new to flying or tend to crash your units, then it may be worthwhile. Alternately you may want to shop around for a better deal.

And as always, take some time to search around for actual customer experience with DJI Care Refresh. The DJI-related forums are ripe with all sorts of feedback and opinion about the service.